Legend battle aims to be an innovative 3D online, cooperative game working with blockchain and leveraging the crypto economy, while players can own their goods, making money while having fun with exchange and trade between users always existed on MMORPG.
The Legends Battle network is a play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming network that provides NFT staking, P2E, and Defi token-related services based on the BSC. All its services are geared towards optimizing the incomes of the average investors.
Aside from the income mechanism, the network also focuses on long-term sustainability. The tokenomics set aside some funds for marketing and ensure the token is deflationary. In fact, for the long term, Legends Battle has a roadmap of what they aim to achieve.
Contract auditing, presale, and KYC will all happen in the first quarter of 2022. In the subsequent quarters, game developments and testing will begin and the DAO governance system. The game will have player versus player and other game modes to bolster the experience in the long term. To see the developments as they unfold, please follow Legends Battle on the social media pages below.
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