The Technical
LEGENDSBATTLE world is combined with blockchain to empower the accessibility and the ownership of users’ data/objects.
To play on LEGENDSBATTLE, you will need an BSC-based wallet using a browser extension such as Metamask, by logging in with your wallet through a digital crypto-signature, you will auth yourself on-chain and into the game, details are available on LEGENDSBATTLE docs for beginners.
The client to play is developed and maintained with the Unity game engine and run through our online website at using the WebGL technology with Low poly design style to assure a scalable online browser game.
It works with a centralized and a decentralized gateway. First, to login and connect to the LEGENDSBATTLE World, a back-end game server programmed in C language bridges your decentralized NFTs from your wallet to the server while you are playing.
When connecting with your wallet to the game, you are redirected through a proxy server to a specific thread process instance of the game lobby (the LEGENDSBATTLE city on which you spawn); you can then create groups with your friends and join the mine to fights a new instance spawn to handle your activities, fights.
When you disconnect from the online LEGENDSBATTLE in-game world, you can withdraw all your possessions in NFT forms that are broadcasted and sent by our back-end system, therefore giving all the power of centralized management for the game and the decentralization freedom of your in-game properties that you will own for a lifetime.
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