Features of The Legends Battle
NFT Farming
One of the major features defining the Legends Battles ecosystem is the NFT farming mechanism. The NFT Farming mechanism allows you to stake the NFT assets available in LegendsBattle. Basically, after staking the NFTs, the results will be LBT tokens after every block.
Play to Earn
You can defeat invaders and win valuable in-game collectibles. As you hold the assets, you increase the strength of your character in the subsequent Battle. The advantage is, gamers will sell the collectibles to earn more LBT tokens.
The network has a native marketplace that allows people to buy and sell NFT using LBT tokens. This marketplace is decentralized; therefore, anyone can participate, buy and sell NFTs.
Deflationary Token
On top of the other features, the network token is deflationary. It charges an 8% tax for every transaction. Moreover, 2% of the transaction fee will help purchase the LBT tokens from circulation.
Community Governance
The Legends Battle network intends to completely decentralize its services. According to the network's website, the Legends Battle's developers will adopt the community governance through DAO. Token holders will vote on different aspects of the game.
The Team and Partnerships
The Legends Battle game has a team of 6 programmers and developers. The developers have an interest in gaming, and thus they came together to create this community-focused game.
Accordingly, the team consists of 3 artists. The artists are experts in design, models, and illustrations. There is also a game designer who has had a good background in the industry for years. The combination of experts in different fields could help the network achieve its objective of creating a good gaming experience.
On top of the team, the Legends Battle game has also made partnerships with other crypto networks. Among the main partners are Solidproof, Unicrypt, Poocoin, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Pancakeswap, and Binance. These strategic partners will help the network in the following ways.
  • Auditing and KYC of the project for security by Solidproof
  • Marketing partner Unicrypt through the launchpad
  • List the LBT token on the partner exchanges
Merits of Legends Battles
The Legends Battles gaming network is launching for the benefit of the average gamer. It comes with the following pros.
  • Various ways to earn income include play-to-earn and NFT farming
  • The Deflationary token is a good store of value
  • Their large team of experts will help provide a good gaming experience
Once the platform fully launches, gamers will have more insight into its cons and benefits.
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