The team behind Legends Battle
We are a team of six programmers, developers that always had fun playing a lot of games, such as MMORPG, and we are all interested in the crypto industry. we see the potential of data and features that can be built using blockchain, so we had to create our own world.
As for our design, model and illustration, we have three talented artists to make specific tasks: character design, painting and 3D modelization, items, dungeons, and also user experience or things such as website branding, layout, and Legendsbattle 2D images.
They also have experience using the Unity engine for creating our level- design and dungeons contents, therefore, we will have the possibility with our developers to innovate, add features along the way, and the imagination that comes with our artists.
For our scenario, lore and story, spells, playability, design of farming.. we have a talented game designer that had the chance to work in Ankama office, which is one of the biggest MMORPG creators in the European industry with the French game leading it: Dofus. We will have plenty of ideas and features to add into our game, doable due to our experience and a highly trained team on those domains.
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